Jen's primary goal is to help you to find your authentic voice at work and to have great impact in your role (and beyond!). Here are some of the outcomes she has helped her clients to achieve across the different realms of her coaching:


Management Outcomes

- Stronger, more trusting  relationships with colleagues (up, down and across)
- Clear set of goals for the entire team for the year
- Being able to address difficult situations and/or performance issues with confidence
- New staff hired with diversity goals met
- Being able to set clear expectations with staff; setting them up for success
- Being able to differentiate support (coaching, professional development) to team members depending on their skills and needs



- More confidence in self
- Being able to show up authentically as a leader
- Knowing how and when to engage staff, communicate to staff, collaborate with staff



- A talent vision and annual workplan
- Roll-out of a new hiring process/a new performance review process
- Creation of a "culture plan" with strategies meant to shift culture


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Outcomes

- The creation of a DEI plan for the year